Sessions Types

Free 10 minute Consultation:

Come in to briefly discuss your needs, have a posture screen, and find out if we can be of benefit to you.   


Initial Consultation:

90 minutes, initial assessment, including posture and movement analysis, photos, goal setting and if time allows the first treatment session


Follow-up Consultations: 60 Minutes

  • Standard Occupational Therapy Session
  • Structural Integration treatment session
  • Scar management session

The 12 series KMI Structural Integration Package:

12x 60 minute KMI sessions  

The 3 series KMI Structural Integration Package:

3 x 60 minute KMI sessions  


Specialised Consultations: 90 minutes

  • TMJ treatment
  • Intranasal session


Worksite or Home visits

  • Allow 2 hours
  • Additional costs for travel
  • Individual ergonomic worksite assessment
  • Group education regarding work practice for good health
Private Health Insurance rebates are available on all sessions.

Release your scars and rebalance your body!

Call now to discuss your needs and find out if our approach is right for you.