Helen DeJong

Bachelor of Science: Occupational Therapy, Certified Structural Integration Therapist

Helen specialises in reducing chronic pain, releasing scar tissue, realigning body posture and easing movement to improve functional potential and quality of life. She is both passionate and fascinated by the interaction between the body and the brain. As an occupational therapist, who has worked with numerous individuals affected by acute and/or chronic conditions, she has learnt that every person processes information from their body and nerves slightly differently which results in different requirements when overcoming injury or pain.

In order to maximise your health and vitality you require an individually tailored treatment plan to ensure that your unique needs and goals are met. The therapy provided by Helen comprises a holistic approach and can involve a combination of structural integration (manual manipulation of tissue), neurological retraining, sensory integrative work, movement retraining, counselling and cognitive behaviour techniques in order to unravel strain in both the body and the mind.

Helen graduated as an Occupational Therapist from Curtin University in 1993. She has over 10 years of experience working in burn injury rehabilitation and acute hand trauma developing a special interest in tissue injury and repair. Combined with her experience working in neurology (post stroke rehabilitation) and paediatrics (children with learning difficulties) both within Australia and the U.K, she has developed a deep understanding of the important interaction between the brain and the body during the process of healing, health and learning.

Helen DeJong

Helen has continued studies throughout her career attending numerous professional development courses and conferences both local and international to further her knowledge. She is also a certified structural integration therapist, who has studied Kinesis Myofascial Integration under the internationally acclaimed founder of the course, Thomas Myers. Throughout her career Helen has undertaken research which she has presented at local, interstate and international conferences and has published papers in peer reviewed journals and co-written a chapter in a book on scar management.


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