Helen DeJong

Bachelor of Science: Occupational Therapy, Certified Structural Integration Therapist


My priority is to understand what is meaningful to you,

 and to collaborate with you to create a personalised program

so you can achieve your goals and re-engage in a fulfilling life.


Helen has extensive experience working in the fields of scar minimisation and pain management. She graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy, and worked her way up to becoming a senior clinician at both Royal Perth Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital. She completed her Doctorate (PhD) in 2020 after conducting innovative research to develop new methods to objectively evaluate scar formation and to investigate factors influencing scar formation. Helen continues to conduct research and is currently involved in research evaluating the formation of fibrosis (scarring) following radiation treatments for cancer, developing technology to evaluate scar formation and is developing research to investigate the relationship between persistent pain and scarring. She works closely with the Fiona Wood Foundation, The Harry Perkins Institute for Medical Research, the Burn Injury Research Unit at the University of Western Australia and Edith Cowan University. Helen has presented at numerous state, national and international conferences and is a guest lecturer at Edith Cowan University.

Helen DeJong

Helen provides a patient-centred, wholistic approach to treatment. Whether it be a simple scar that is bothering you, a recent injury you want to heal quicker, preparing for an upcoming surgery, managing a complex multi-trauma or have undergone various treatments for cancer. Every person’s story is different and important and deserves to be heard. Together we will discuss personalised goals that matter to you, and develop a program integrating targeted treatments to improve tissue healing and to reduce pain, together with additional therapies to empower life-long changes that result in a self-managed approach to your care. The aim is for you to regain control of your well-being and optimize your functional health so you can re-engage in the life you want to live. Helen can provide therapies to enhance quality of life for those managing either short-term/ acute conditions or chronic conditions.