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Relieve Your Pain

Injury causes pain, which can persist in the scar and change the way the entire body moves, leading to numerous forms of chronic pain.  Pain relief can come from treating both the scar and the secondary effects of the scar. 

Realign Your Posture

Scar tissue can be tight and restrictive changing the way you stand, sit and move. Releasing scars can rebalance your posture helping you look and feel better. 

Restore Movement

Injuries can alter nerves and the signals they send to the brain, altering the way you move and heal. Restoring sensation following injury improves both movement and scar formation.

Release Your Scars

Scars can can evoke stress, restrict movement and/or cause pain or itch. Learn how we can treat scars and improve their function and appearance.

Perth Scar and Pain Clinic

Perth Scar and Pain Clinic provides holistic health care, working with you, as a person, and not just your ‘condition’. New and old injuries, surgeries or diseases can have long lasting effects on how the body feels and moves. Scar tissue can alter the way you stand, sit and walk leading to ‘unexplained’ chronic pain. It is surprising how often your pain relates to a long forgotten injury. Long term resolution to your pain can be achieved by unwinding strain patterns caused by scar tissue, that have been restricting your posture and movement.  Treatment can be a combination of manual release, sensory reintegration, neural retraining and some cognitive stratigies aimed at releasing tight scars, realigning posture and easing movement to improve your health and well being.

Helen DeJong is both an Occupational Therapist and Structural Integration Therapist with over 20 years clinical experience. She has just started her PhD studying the relationship between the body’s structural system and the nervous system during healing and scar formation. The therapy provides an integrated approach combining the latest developments from neuroscience, wound healing and scar research together with a deep understanding of the cognitive, social and emotional impact that injury, pain and chronic illness can have on your functional well being. A personalised treatment plan is developed together with you, so that you can live life to your potential.

Release your scars and rebalance your body!

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