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Persistent pain

Living with pain is tough. Whether your pain is directly related to an injury, surgery, or disease or is persisting from an unknown source, we can manage your pain together.

Pain is complex, but we will find the right way forward, so that you can take control of your pain and re-engage in those activities that are meaningful to you.

Optimise your healing potential

Minimise the risk of developing persistently painful and pathological scars with safe early therapies to minimise scar formation.

Meaningful Movement

Re-engaging with the activities you love following injury or surgery or when you have a chronic condition can be difficult. Integrating safe movement back into your daily life can help the healing process and speed up recovery.

Scar Minimisation

Whether it’s a small scar, large trauma, old injury or new. Therapies can improve scar quality, to improve your functional capacity, and quality of life. Both the surface scar and deep scar tissue can be released to relieve persistent pain, chronic tightness and some of those ‘unexplained’ pain symptoms.